About Me

Candace Sinclaire or better known as her social media handle and pen name, De La Fro, is a young Black feminist filmmaker and writer from Charlotte, NC. She has been writing since she was a young child. She penned her first book Purple to Lavender in August 2016 and you can regularly see her writings on pop culture, feminism, and politics on her blog. Her filmmaking career began during her college years. She won the Jury Critic Award, twice, at the national student film festival Campus MovieFest and she also took home ‘Best Student Film’ for her film Monsters at the 100 Words Film Festival in Charlotte, NC.

She is co-founder of Rev Films, a film collective based in NC and soon to be film company. She is also Editor-in-Chief of Clef Magazine–an online music magazine for young women. When she is not writing or filming, De La Fro can be found putting together looks on her YouTube Channel and sharing her thoughts on Twitter.

There is no limit for De La Fro. She plans on elevating marginalized voices whether that be through film, writing, or beauty and fashion. Follow her along her journey!

To contact De La Fro, e-mail her at delafro19@gmail.com!


One thought on “About Me

  1. Marielle Carter says:

    I love your writing and your acceptance/advocacy of ALL women. I suffer when I see the way the media treats women like Cardi, and how Ayesha is glorified, and how Amber & others are seen as less than because they stripped. I think any woman who makes a temporary sacrifice and capitalizes on it is a savage, and I love when we as women can acknowledge and celebrate that. I’m also on a journey and looking to hone in all my different talents (bc I myself am tired of being put in a box) and your page inspired me to go all the way. You’re inspiring, thank you!

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