The Normalization of Misogyny

I remember one night, I was out with my friend and her girls. We were sitting in the car, about to head out to a party when "Loyal" by Chris Brown blares from the speakers. Without hesitation, most of the girls in the car start vibing to it, singing the lyrics underneath their breath: "These … Continue reading The Normalization of Misogyny

It’s Not Enough to Say “I love Black Women.”

You know the saying "actions speak louder than words?" Generic, right? But relevant? Yes. Always. You can say one thing but if your actions don't align, your legitimacy is invalidated. It's no secret that misogynoir (anti-black misogyny) is a bonding agent among many. Many people of all different races love to see the dehumanization and … Continue reading It’s Not Enough to Say “I love Black Women.”