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The Harm Behind “Harmless” Jokes About Black Women and Girls

Twitter is a lot of things. Twitter is an accessible app for anyone with a mobile phone. It’s diverse. It’s expansive. There’s different sections of twitter. There’s Black Twitter. There’s Feminist Twitter. There’s Hip-Hop Head Twitter. There’s Ashy Twitter. The list goes on. There’s different views and opinions all over Twitter but one thing Twitter […]


Rape Culture in the Black Community & How it Affects Black Women and Girls

Earlier this month, former police officer Daniel Holtzclaw was, to my surprise, convicted of raping several black women. Following this trial via twitter has been tumultuous for me. Tumultuous, rocky, but nonetheless, draining. Daniel Holtzclaw targeted these black women strategically. He targeted poor black women in particular–mostly sex workers and drug addicts because he knew that they […]