The Significance of Amber Rose’s Slut Walk

Earlier this week, Amber Rose held her very own Slut Walk. If you aren't familiar with Amber Rose, just know that this woman is very dynamic. In fact, she's a great example of how women can be multi-faceted. She's a former sex worker. She's a former video vixen and model. She's a fashion maven. She … Continue reading The Significance of Amber Rose’s Slut Walk

My Black Life Matters Too: Acknowledging Police Brutality Against Black Women

Here’s an article I wrote for where I highlight police brutality against black women!

A Woman's Worth


By De La Fro

Eric Garner. Tamir Rice. Mike Brown. Sean Bell. Oscar Grant. All names that ring a bell for most, right? But what about Sheneque Proctor? Aiyana Stanley-Jones? Rekia Boyd? Tarika Wilson?


Oftentimes throughout the discussion of state violence, black men are centered, leaving black women almost completely erased from the narrative. People will say “Every 28 hours a black man is killed by a police officer” when really it’s “Every 28 hours a black person is killed by a police officer.” Most people fail to acknowledge or even are unaware of police brutality against black women. Not only are black women physically assaulted and murdered by police officers, black women have been sexually assaulted by police officers as well.

Even when police brutality toward black women is brought up the response is usually apathetic or watered down empathy. I’ve seen people, including black men, say that that’s…

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