About Me

De La Fro | NC | Lover and a Fighter |  Composed out of melanin, afro hair, shea butter, ferocity, and youthful angst | Writer | Aspiring Filmmaker | Photographer | Retaliate with Art

Contact me at delafro19@gmail.com


One thought on “About Me

  1. I love your writing and your acceptance/advocacy of ALL women. I suffer when I see the way the media treats women like Cardi, and how Ayesha is glorified, and how Amber & others are seen as less than because they stripped. I think any woman who makes a temporary sacrifice and capitalizes on it is a savage, and I love when we as women can acknowledge and celebrate that. I’m also on a journey and looking to hone in all my different talents (bc I myself am tired of being put in a box) and your page inspired me to go all the way. You’re inspiring, thank you!

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