The Harm Behind “Harmless” Jokes About Black Women and Girls

Twitter is a lot of things. Twitter is an accessible app for anyone with a mobile phone. It's diverse. It's expansive. There's different sections of twitter. There's Black Twitter. There's Feminist Twitter. There's Hip-Hop Head Twitter. There's Ashy Twitter. The list goes on. There's different views and opinions all over Twitter but one thing Twitter … Continue reading The Harm Behind “Harmless” Jokes About Black Women and Girls

Ayesha Isn’t Your Tool

Months ago, Ayesha Curry, wife of basketball star Stephen Curry, penned a series of tweets that, to this day, remain controversial and a reoccurring topic on Twitter. Now like I've mentioned before in a previous article, Ayesha's disdain for women who do not choose to dress like her is apparent. It's dishonest to ignore the … Continue reading Ayesha Isn’t Your Tool