Being a Feminist Hip-Hop Fan

"Aye, Candace. Your boy Ab-Soul cutting up on Twitter." I rubbed the sleep out of my eye and sat up slowly in my bed. "What?" I asked groggily. It was mid-morning and my friend's call had rattled me out of my sleep. "Go look on Twitter," my best friend said. "Aw man," I mumbled. I took … Continue reading Being a Feminist Hip-Hop Fan

The Joy and “Unity” that Anti-Black Misogyny Brings

Recently a video of comedian, George Lopez, has been circling social media. In the clip, it is Lopez at one of his stand-up shows cracking a joke about Mexicans' two rules: "Don't marry somebody black and don't park in front of our house." A black woman in the audience stood up and expressed her distaste … Continue reading The Joy and “Unity” that Anti-Black Misogyny Brings