My Top 10 Albums from 2016


2016 has been a challenging year but with many downfalls, it also came with many great things–music being one of them. This year has been such a great year for music. There are many projects that I enjoyed from this year but I decided to narrow it down to 10 albums I absolutely loved from this year.

10. The Divine Feminine by Mac Miller. Mac Miller has definitely grown as an artist and this album is reflects that. I enjoyed this album. Conceptually, it was focused. Production was smooth and transitions were seamless. My favorite songs would be Dang! with Anderson .Paak and Stay.

9. Coloring Book by Chance the Rapper. The title of this album is very fitting. As per usual, this album from Chano was vibrant and fun, sampling many Gospel songs that almost every Black American child grew up on. This was such a feel good album. It made me feel warm and hopeful.

8. Malibu by Anderson .Paak. I’ve been following .Paak ever since he was “Breezy Lovejoy.” He has came a long way. I am so proud of his growth. Malibu was a well written album. I adore his voice. It has the right amount of rasp and smoothness. He is definitely holding it down for current R&B singers.

7. Awaken, My Love! by Childish Gambino. This sound was not what I was expecting from Gambino but I don’t mind it. It reminded me of Prince, George Clinton, and many other funk, soul influences.

6. Vol. 1 by H.E.R. I absolutely loved this album. It was so smooth and refreshing. It reminded me of what R&B use to be. I hope to hear more from the mysterious H.E.R.

To see the rest of my list and to see what was my number one favorite album, check out my video on my Youtube channel here


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