No Longer on a Weight Loss Journey

If you’ve been following my blog for a while you know that I’ve been on a weight loss journey that I’ve nicknamed “Mission Possible.” A constant struggle I’ve faced along this journey is consistency. One month I’ll be a health nut–working out regularly and eating healthy. Other months I’ll get lazy, stop working out, and eat terribly. It’s a constant struggle and an ongoing tumultuous cycle.

Every year I set a weight loss goal for my new year’s resolution but this year… I decided not to.

You know what I also decided?

I’m no longer on a weight loss journey.

At the beginning of every year I would set a numeric goal for my weight loss journey and at the end of every year I would sit there in disappointment because I didn’t reach it. And I always wondered: “Ok, why am I not reaching my goal? I know how to go about losing weight so what gives? Oh, I know. Inconsistency. But why do I keep being inconsistent?”

You know how we brush our teeth everyday? Or how we drink water, eat a veggie or two, or take a shower? We do all of these things just because it’s good for us. We do these things because we want to take care of ourselves and maintain our well-being.

I realized that that’s how I should view my health in terms of weight. I realized that it was my perspective and my mentality that was getting in the way of my goals. I was caught up on trying to “look good” but I wasn’t all that concerned about feeling good. I should just work out and eat well because that’s the right thing to do for my health–not because I’m hoping that in the end my body will look a certain type of way.

The reason why I say I’m no longer on a weight loss journey is because, in my mind, saying “weight loss journey” suggests a definitive period of time. I want to get out of that mindset. I now refer to this journey as simply my health journey. Good health is life long. It’s not just a means to obtain an ideal body–it’s a way of life. I come from a family that has a history of high blood pressure, Type 2 Diabetes, Cancer, and strokes. I can’t afford to be lax towards my health.

Another reason why I say I’m no longer on a weight loss journey is because looking a certain way isn’t that important to me anymore. I’m a lot more comfortable with my body and it’s no longer a top priority to change my body. Don’t get me wrong, I still would like to chisel out my curves and that doesn’t mean I’m insecure about my present body. I just realized that having better health is more important than being shaped like an hourglass, you know?

When I decided to change my perspective on my weight loss and my health journey, I began to be more consistent. I was able to transition into vegetarianism because instead of seeing this shift in dieting as temporary, I viewed it as a daily part of life which is why I’ve been able to keep up with it.

I plan to keep along my health journey with this perspective. Eating healthy and working out is now a daily part of my life. Good health first.

The weight will take care of itself.


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