Vegetarian Journey Update!


If you’ve been following my blog in the last couple of months, you probably already know that I have currently been transitioning into vegetarianism. My journey has been a gradual one. I’ve been transitioning slowly but surely.

In December, I cut out meat in the morning. In January, I cut meat out my meals in the afternoon but now, in February, I will be cutting out meat in the evening, meaning that I will now be full vegetarian.

Besides my apprehension, I’m actually really excited about this. I’ve pinned so many vegetarian recipes on Pinterest. I have my meals planned out for the month so I won’t be going into this lost.

I’ve also decided that if I don’t like the vegetarian life, I might look into the pescetarian life. I’m giving it until August.

Hopefully, I’ll stay dedicated to a vegetarian diet but I do know I will slip up from time to time. I’ve been eating meat my whole life so this will not be an overnight success story. I just hope that even if I slip up, I’ll bounce right back and get back on track.

Throughout the year, I will share what I’ve been eating, month by month.

Wish me luck!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. I’ve been Vegetarian since 2000! I also ate meat all my life before that. I will be 49 soon. You can do it! If you slip, don’t beat yourself up…keep trying. 🙂 Check out my blog too as I try to post recipes weekly. I think you’ll like it. 🙂

  2. Ray says:

    Keep going it gets better. A whole new world opens up once veggies as more than “sides”

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