Vegetarian Journey Update | January 2016


Ok, so it’s been one month since I’ve embarked on this journey to become a vegetarian. In December, I was suppose to eliminate meat from my breakfast.

I will say, I slipped up once but it was on Christmas so I gave myself some leeway for that. Other than that, I’ve consistently kept meat out of my breakfast meal.

Now, it’s January and that means I can’t eat meat in the afternoon with my lunches in addition to not eating meat with breakfast. Not going to lie, I’m pretty nervous about that because eliminating meat from breakfast wasn’t that difficult because I don’t usually eat meat in the morning but lunch? I stay having a turkey or chicken sandwich.

I think I’ll be able to manage though because I’ve created a list of vegetarian lunches I want to try. I’m really excited to try them out.

As usual, I will keep you all updated on my progress. Stay tuned and wish me luck!


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