Mission Possible: Getting My Health Back on Track

If you’ve been following my blog for awhile, you’re probably aware of “Mission Possible.” If you’re new to my blog, I’ll give a brief intro. “Mission Possible” is what I lovingly call my weight loss journey. I haven’t talked much about Mission Possible because to be completely honest, I fell off.

One of the most difficult things about college is balancing a healthy lifestyle while also being extremely busy. It’s hard to be health conscious while being in college because as for most college students, we tend to only grab what’s convenient and cheap. Unfortunately, those cheaper, more accessible options aren’t the healthiest. And then there’s finding time to work out. My schedule gets so unpredictable and I’m the type of person who likes to have a set time when I know I’m going to work out because I like to mentally prepare myself in advance.

But… enough is enough. I can tell that my health has taken a toll. I’m short of breath often. My skin is breaking out. I haven’t drank much water. I’ve gained a lot of weight. That 30 pound weight loss I had a couple of years ago is long gone and has been gained back and plus some.

I’m tired of letting my health get pushed to the side and it’s time that I make my health a priority again. It’s time to bring Mission Possible back to life.

However, I do want to make some changes.

For one, I want to change my goal from weight loss to just a healthier lifestyle in general. I realize that when I look at it from the scope of “this is what I need to do to be healthy” I typically stick to the plan longer. But when I do it out of an obsession over my looks and weight, I fizzle out.

Overall, my health is what matters at the end of the day. I have to make that a priority. I have to take care of my body or my body won’t take care of me. I want to have a full life. I want to be able to walk up a flight of stairs and not feel like I’m about to keel over and die.

So how do I plan on getting back on track? Here are the steps I’m going to take:

  1. Meal Prepping. I decided that I will meal prep on Sunday nights. If I prepare meals in advance and store them for the week, I have no excuses. I’ll be able to take meals on the go with me and I won’t have to worry about cooking throughout the week.
  2. Working Out in the mornings. Pretty self-explanatory but I plan on working out in the morning by either working out in my room, doing a DVD or I’ll walk to the gym and work out there. Either way, I need to get a work out done in the morning because later in the day I’ll be busy and I will have already got my work out out of the way. Exercising in the morning also helps me feel better throughout the day. Endorphins get me through a tough day.
  3. Drinking water. I definitely got to get back into drinking water. I plan on drinking at least 4 bottles of water every day. When I drink water it just makes me feel lighter and cleansed. I also want to try fruit detox water and water detoxed with cucumbers and mint. Keep things fresh.
  4. Meditation. I definitely need to get back into meditating. It’s a challenge but when grasped, it helps me clear my head and de-stress.

Overall, I hope that I keep to it. I’ll keep you all updated!


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