How I Find New Music!


Every day people are asking me how I know so much music and where do I find these super underground artists. Welp, it’s definitely work. Finding new music isn’t that hard but finding good new music is another story. But you can’t come across new good music if you don’t even know how to find new music in general. I’ll share some of my secrets.


1. Shazam! This app has came through for me so many times. I’ll be in a store somewhere and hear a good song and not know who the artist is. That’s where this app comes in. How it works is when you open the app, you press the Shazam button and it’ll listen to the song. After listening it will search and find the name of the song and the artist. This is how I’ve discovered artists such as Alessia Cara. I highly recommend it. It’s easy to use and it’s also free!


2. Soundcloud! I’m always on soundcloud. Always. It’s such an amazing audio sharing app. Artists from all around post their music on here, free to listen to. I’ve discovered so many new artists on this site. I suggest following artists that are within your favorite genre and from there, listen to the suggestions listed that are based on what you’ve been listening to. One of my favorite users to follow is Soulection. It’s an online radio station and by far, they play the best mixes I’ve ever heard on soundcloud.


3. YouTube! Most of the artists I find, I find on YouTube. How? Well, when I’m listening to one of my favorite artists, there are suggested videos on the side that are similar to who I’m listening to. I just click on some of the suggestions and check them out. Honestly. That’s all I do. I click around on YouTube and end up finding so many dope artists.


4. Spotify! Again, like I do on YouTube, I click around through the suggestions listed on Spotify. If you’re unaware, Spotify is a music streaming app. But anyway, I look through the suggestions and come across dope artists that way as well.

5. Watch YouTube Album Reviews or Follow Music Blogs. It’s so simple and it’s insightful to see what music other people are listening to at the moment. Popular music reviewers typically listen to a wide range of music and regularly make suggestions about what current music to check out. One of my favorite music reviewers is “The Needle Drop” or Anthony Fantano on YouTube. Check his channel out. He usually comes through with good music suggestions.

So basically, all in all, to find new music, you gotta be dedicated to the search. I make it a point to discover a new artist every other week. It’s work but it’s also fun (or at least to me, it’s fun). Give my tips a try and let me know if they work for you.

How do you find new music?


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