How I Get Through Writer’s Block

Ugh. I hate it. I dread it. I literally fear it but it’s inevitable. Oh, that dreadful writer’s block. I hate feeling uninspired. I love when I’m inspired by too many things at once. I’d rather have to filter inspirations down than have to go looking for them. Enough complaining though. Let me share how I overcome writer’s block:

1. Listen to music. Literally. Just listen. When I need to be inspired, my first go to is music. I’ll just sit in my room, door closed, lights off, earbuds in and just vibe to some music. The inspiration can come from anywhere–from the beat to the lyrics to the hook. The key is to just immerse yourself in the sound and let go. Instrumentals are also good to listen to because they’re completely subjective and left up to interpretation which gives you more freedom to write on unlike songs featuring a vocal artist.

2. Read. You don’t have anything to write about? Well, in the meantime, read what someone else has to write about. There’s nothing wrong with drawing inspiration from other writers. Just remember it’s a fine line between inspiration and imitation.

3. People watch. Watching people interact with each other is so fascinating. People watching really helps because as I watch people I always wonder what their stories are. Where is she going? Why is he in a rush? Why is that couple arguing? Questions upon questions build and usually that is when a story is born.

4. Listen to other people’s stories. Honestly, just listen to other people’s stories about their lives. A lot of people have such rich background in terms of experiences. Inspiration could easily come from hearing about someone’s experience. Watch some ted talks. Watch some documentaries. Listen to podcasts. Read some biographies.

5. Relax. No really. Just relax. If nothing is coming to you then let it be. You want the process to come to you naturally. You don’t want to force anything. You want it to be honest and fluid. Just let it come to you.

What are some ways you get through writer’s block?


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