Musical Collaborations I Want to See Happen

So, on Twitter I’m always listing off collaborations I’d like to see happen in music. I have so many of them that I’d figure, “Hm, why not make this a blog post.” So here we are. This is a list of possible collaborations I’m rooting for. Enjoy.

1. Frank Ocean & The Weeknd. For the longest time I wanted to see a collaboration from Miguel and Frank Ocean but ever since Miguel publicly proclaimed that his music was better than Frank Ocean’s, I let that dream die like a raisin in the sun. But, however, I’m also interested in hearing how a track would sound with both the Weeknd and Ocean. Although their sounds are pretty different (I would say Ocean’s music is a tinge bit lighter), they’re still on the alternative R&B path and them coming through with a joint record would send people into a frizzy.

2. Janelle Monae & Kimbra. They’re both beautiful songstresses who have this similar quirky, experimental sound. It’d be interesting to hear something from them both.

3. Kimbra & Chrisette Michele. I say this because Kimbra, vocally, reminds me a bit of Chrisette Michele. Hearing Kimbra collab with a soul singer would be interesting because Kimbra’s sound is evidently influenced by neo-soul even though she’s considered pop.

4. Kimbra & Prince. Ok so, Kimbra is one of my faves if you haven’t noticed but I feel like she doesn’t collaborate much with other artists. Kimbra’s sound is similar to Janelle Monae’s which is convenient because Janelle collaborated with the king Prince and the track was smooth as hell. Kimbra is down Prince’s ally when it comes to sound. I’d like to hear something from them as well.

5. Frank Ocean & Erykah Badu. I have no idea why this hasn’t happened yet seeing how Tyler the Creator and Motha Badu have collaborated. A collab between Badu and Ocean would be dope af.

6. Frank Ocean & Syd the Kid. Ok.. Maybe this has happened and I just missed this because this has to be the most obvious, most needed collaboration within Odd Future. What gives? Maybe Syd is featured on Frank’s no-where-to-be-found album. Who knows. But this needs to happen as soon as possible.

7. The Internet and Phony Ppl. Why hasn’t this happened yet? They’re both close and have even done shows together but where is the official track with both of these amazing bands? A collab between these two would be sweet af. They both have that neo-soul/hip-hop sound plus Elbie Thrie and Syd the Kid’s voices together? On one track? Yes. Please.

8. Kendrick Lamar & Erykah Badu. I’m mad at Kendrick for not putting Motha Badu on his latest album. That album was black as hell and you didn’t put the queen of neo-soul on there? I’m shaking my head. But no, seriously, Kdot and Erykah would make a good duo. I hope this eventually comes to pass.

9. Kendrick Lamar & Isaiah Rashad. Ok, so eventually this is going to happen seeing as they’re both TDE artists but they’re just taking too long to make this happen. Out of all the older members of TDE, Isaiah is most reflective of Kendrick so it’s fitting for them to get on a track together. I’m predicting that this will probably happen for Isaiah’s debut album.

10. Isaiah Rashad & Mick Jenkins. So, I don’t know if this is true or not, but I read somewhere that Jenkins isn’t really fucking with Rashad’s music like that but could you imagine a song from these two? They’re both two of the strongest lyricist that we have right now within our generation of rap. This collab would probably would be ill as fuck. I hope this happens one day.

11. Tinashe & The Weeknd. Both Tinashe and the Weeknd’s sounds are sultry, dark, and sexy. Imagine if they came together for a track? So many babies would be conceived to this song.

12. Beyonce, Rihanna, and Nicki Minaj. Listen… If this happened, the internet would surely break. Nicki has collabed with both Rih and Bey but Bey and Rih have no song together. That’s crazy right? I don’t know. Fingers crossed.

13. Sonnymoon & Little Dragon. Both their sounds are intricate, chill, and complex. I’d love to see hear how they’d complement each other on a record.

14. Willow Smith & SZA. Listen, I know they’ve already dropped a couple of tracks together but I think they should take it a step further and should do a whole project together. They have such amazing chemistry. It’d be dope to hear a joint mixtape from them.

15. FKA Twigs & Kelela. They both have a experimental, trip-hop type of sound and vocally, I think they’d complement each other. I wouldn’t mind hearing a song with both of them featured.

16. Goldlink, Chance the Rapper, and Vic Mensa. I’d especially want to hear something from Goldlink and Chance seeing as their flows are pretty similar but if we could get a track from all three, I think that’d be dope.

17. Frank Ocean & Tame Impala. Sounds unlikely and unexpected right? But I think it’d work in a weird sense. If we could bring Nolstagia Ultra Frank and put him on a record with Tame Impala, I think that’d flow pretty nicely.

18. SZA & Erykah Badu. Seems pretty obvious since SZA is evidently influenced by Badu. They could be mother and daughter if they felt like it honestly.

19. Schoolboy Q & Robb Bank$. It would be kind of random because they come from two different circles but I think it’d work. They’re both raw as hell and I could hear them jumping off each other on a track.

20. Schoolboy Q & A$AP Rocky. Everyone is so interested in a Kendrick/J. Cole album but I’m not all that into that idea. I would, however, love to see Q and Rocky collab on a mixtape or something. They have amazing chemistry when they collaborate and their flows complement each other.

21. Noname Gypsy & Rapsody. Both chill female lyricist. I think a song from them would be interesting and refreshing. I feel like too many times, female rappers think in order to get in the game they have to diss one another (well, diss Nicki) and that isn’t necessary.

22. Rapsody, Nitty Scott, MC, and Gavlyn. Like I’ve said before, two femcees coming together would be refreshing. Both All of them are strong lyricists. I’d like to hear how they’d flow together on a track.

23. Princess Nokia & Azealia Banks. Go listen to Princess Nokia’s “Versace Hottie” and then go listen to Bank’s “212” and you’ll see what I mean. Enough said.

24. Azealia Banks & Nicki Minaj. Once again, enough said.

25. Lil Kim & Nicki Minaj. I can dream right?

26. Jojo & Tori Kelly. Yes… Just yes. I have nothing more to say.

27. Lorde & FKA Twigs. They’re both so eccentric but I feel like it would work in their favor if they came together for a track. It’d be interesting.

28. SZA & Frank Ocean. Again, another obvious collaboration but I’m here for it.

29. Amy Winehouse & Lauryn Hill. I know I’m dreaming big again but if Amy was still with us, a collab between her and Lauryn would’ve been so dope. Both of their voices together? Ugh. Yes.

30. Kendrick Lamar & J. Cole. Ok, even though I said I wasn’t as interested in a Kdot/J. Cole project as much as I am a Schoolboy Q/Rocky collab, I’m still curious as to how a whole entire album would sound with both Kendrick and J. Cole.

What are some collaborations you’d like to see?


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