Product Review | Dark and Lovely’s Au Naturale Anti-Shrinkage Easy Twist Gel N’ Butter


au natural twist cream 1Recently I purchased this twisting cream from Dark & Lovely because I wanted to try new curl defining creams and I’ve heard pretty good things about this product line. This caught my eye because it’s half twisting cream and half gel which I’ve never seen come in a twisting product before so I wanted to test it.

I did my typical co-wash routine with the LOC method following. I then did my twist out with this cream and I have to say, I’m not disappointed but I’m not WOW-ed. It gave me a fair amount of definition but I’ve had other curling creams define my curls even more than this one. It did leave my hair feeling moisturized. As I was applying it to my hair, I noticed it kinda felt like a residue was building up on my hair so I was a little worried about how my hair would feel once the product dried. It did help with shrinkage! My twists weren’t as shrunken as they usually were when doing a wet twist out. My hair was pretty stretched.

I also liked that there was a pump. I love natural hair products that come with a pump. It makes styling and washing so much easier!

Overall, this was a decent purchase. I’ll probably continue to use it but I doubt that it’ll be the first curling defining cream I reach for.

What curl defining creams should I try next?

**This review was not sponsored.**


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