2014 Natural Hair Trends I Loved


2014 was quite a year for natural hair women. It was filled with a lot of controversy but also a lot of new discoveries with our hair. I think 2014 was definitely a year that natural hair women realized just how versatile our hair really is. It makes me very excited to see what we’ll have in store for next year. However, here are some natural hair trends I loved from 2014:

1. The Tapered Fro

I absolutely love this style! I’ve been seeing sistas rock this style and they’ve been giving me life. It’s edgy yet timeless and it’s definitely a flattering shape. I hope this trend never dies.

2. Crotchet Braids with Marley Hair

Listen, I know crotchet braids have always been around but this year, I’ve noticed that a lot more naturals have found great use of marley hair and how to use it for crotchet braids. They’ve also managed to learn different techniques on how to make the marley hair give them versatile looks. I’m here for it and I’m definitely going to give this curly look a try in the future. However, I have done a basic crotchet braid tutorial. Watch it | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1z0r88woWEo&list=UUH-ogUOsSSRPgp_kss7uYaQ&index=11

3. Hair Chalk

Hair chalk has definitely been one of my favorite trends for natural hair this year. It’s fun! It’s vibrant and allows you the chance to experiment with different colors temporarily. I’ve given hair chalk a try. Watch my tutorial | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FtxmySTgNc4&list=UUH-ogUOsSSRPgp_kss7uYaQ

4. Curl Wand curls on Natural Hair

I absolutely adore this look. It’s chic, flirty, and super defined. I’m definitely giving this a try and yes, expect a tutorial in the near future for this 😉

So that’s all the natural hair trends I’ve been loving in 2014. What are your favorite natural hair trends from 2014?


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