Four Magical Young Black Girls You Should Know


Recently, the notorious rapper Tyga has ended his marriage with his wife Blac Chyna. During an interview regarding his break-up, Tyga opened up and said he felt that young black women did not have any black female role models to look up to. Now, of course, we can’t take anything Tyga, a grown man dating a teenager, has to say seriously but it saddens me that I learned that many other people felt the same way he did.

There are plenty of black female role models. Plenty! So many. Historically and currently. Someone on Twitter brought up a point that Tyga probably meant that there weren’t too many younger black female role models that young black girls could look up to as of currently. Even still, that’s not true as well. There are plenty of black girls out here doing amazing things. They just don’t receive enough credit or coverage.

Never fear though, I got you. Here are four of many magical black girls you should know and love:

1.) Zora Ball (top left). Zora Ball, 7, is in the first grade and is the first youngest person to ever make a video game app! Read more about Zora Ball |

2.) Maya Penn (top right corner). Maya Penn, 13, started her own company at eight years old! She is the CEO of her online boutique “Maya’s Ideas” where she sells her handmade, eco-friendly accessories. She has even been featured in Forbes Magazine where she is recognized for her entrepreneurship. She also donates 10-20% of her proceeds to charity! Listen. She has her own Ted Talk. The girl is official. Check out her website |

3.) Amaya Selmon (below Penn, right). Amaya Selmon, 12, is one of the two youngest food truck owners in Memphis, Tennessee. The other owner would be her brother Jaden Wheeler. Amaya and Jaden started selling sno cones in front of their house when they wanted to start making their own money. Their business was so successful that they raised enough money to buy their own truck to operate their business out of. With the help of their parents, they purchased and refurbished a van and now sell their Kool Kidz Sno Konez to their community.

4.) Anala Beever (bottom). Anala Beever, 5, is not only absolutely adorable, she is a genius with an IQ over 145. Her mother said, as a baby she could identify and say the alphabet and numbers in not only English but Spanish as well. If she’s doing that as a baby, who knows what she’s about to be doing in the future as she grows older. Read more about this cutie here |


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  1. Who needs grown-ups as role models when these girls are showing the way? Thank you for introducing me to them.

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