Dear “All Women Are Beautiful” White Women…


Dear “all women are beautiful” white women,

I’m so tired of your bullshit.

I’m so over you and your privilege.

Okay, listen.

Black women, from the beginning of time have been devalued and taught to believe that we are lesser than any other racial gender group. We are taught that our blackness is not acceptable unless it is white washed and bathed in European Beauty Standards.

We are constantly being dehumanized by our skin complexion and our hair. Even a good number of black men heavily participate in the abuse towards black women. Society and the media do everything in their power to make sure black women have no agency over our bodies. Little dark skin girls are told they look like roaches because of their skin. Black girls are being expelled from school because of their natural, kinky hair because it appears “unkempt” to your Euro beauty standards.

Black women have little to no media representation and when you do see us in the media we are reduced to stereotypes such as “ghetto”, “ratchet” or we’re a “strong, independent black woman.” We can never be human. Along with that the black women you see in the media do not have dark complexions. They’re usually fair skinned with loose curly or straight hair. The closer to white the better.

In essence black girls do not get any type of breaks.

So instead of relying on the media, society, and our (black) men to remind us of our beauty and brilliance we have taken it into our own hands.

Black women have taken the initiative to celebrate each other’s beauty. We proudly declare that our black is beautiful. We gladly proclaim ourselves to be care-free black girls who do not give a fuck about what society has to say about our blackness. We proudly tell each other that we are magical because we are. Our skin reflects the sun like the goddesses we are. Our hair defies gravity. Our bodies are carved immaculately. We are the original woman.

So, on twitter, because I openly go out my way to show love to myself and other black women, what comes with that is trolls in my mentions denouncing positivity towards black women. Most of the time it’s white women.

This is usually how the tweet conversation goes:

Me or any other black woman: “Our black is beautiful.” “Black girls are magic.” “Black women are beautiful.”


Do you know how exhausting it is to constantly get that in your mentions?

I don’t think you do because you continue to do it.

Listen here “all women are beautiful” white women, women of color but more specifically black women do not have your privilege of being told and reminded of our beauty. We don’t see black women represented fairly and consistently in the media. You don’t have another race’s beauty standards working against you and expected of you. Black women do. You don’t get demeaned as regularly as black women do.

Yes, as a feminist, of course I know all women are beautiful. But some women, aka black women, are not reminded of that daily unlike you.

What trips me out about you “all women are beautiful” white women is that when you see black women being slandered you are so mute. When you see people dehumanizing black women you are no where to be found. You don’t butt in with your “all women are beautiful” mantra when it’s actually necessary. You want to know why?

Because relaying the message that all women are beautiful is not your true motive. In fact, you are threatened by black women’s self love. You see, black women, our self love is revolutionary in a world that teaches us that we are less because we are black women. A black woman loving herself pisses people off because that’s not how it’s suppose to happen right? Ask yourself, I really want you to think long and hard, why are you threatened by a black woman’s self-love?

You are threatened that maybe, just maybe, the spotlight is not on you for once. Something is actually not revolving around you because as a white woman, you’re not use to that. Crazy ain’t it because black women along with other women of color are.

If you truly believed that all women are beautiful why is it that the only time you are pressed to preach about that is when white women are not the focus for once and not when women of color are slandered and excluded constantly?

Why do you think shows like “Black Girls Rock” is necessary? Because black girls are constantly told otherwise. That is why we go out of our way to encourage, empower, and uplift each other because no one else is doing that.

Black women’s self-love and inclusiveness is not racism, it’s self-assurance.

So please, save your “all women are beautiful” profession for a rainy day when you see people coming for black women for no other reason than because we exist.


A self-lovin’ black girl who is over your bullshit


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  1. Andromedatri says:

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  2. Jae says:

    DOPE!!! Black Women STAND UP!!!
    Expertly Written as well, if I do say so myself. Go On Girl, You’re A Leader.

  3. There it is. Best thing I’ve read today.

  4. nalphass says:

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