Dope, Current Female Rappers You Should Know


Too many times I hear folks say they can’t take female rappers seriously. They claim that female rappers are over-sexualized, corny, and washed out. That’s how I know they haven’t been looking hard enough. There are a number of female rappers out right now who are innovative, real, and talented but unfortunately they aren’t given the radio play they deserve. That’s another article though. Here are some femcees that you should check out before you go bad mouthing female rappers:

1. Noname Gypsy – I came across her when I heard her verse on Chance the Rapper’s track “Lost” on his latest project “Acid Rap.” From there, I looked more into her music. Her chill, lulling flow is melodic and poetic. Her sound definitely vibes.

2. Rapsody – This NC based femcee is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Her sound is definitely class hip-hop and she speaks nothing but truth. She’s one of the few artists I know who have shared a track with Kendrick Lamar and wasn’t overshadowed by him. That’s how great she is. Her last mixtape “She Got Game” is definitely worth checking out with features ranging from Mac Miller to Ab-Soul.

3. Nitty Scott, MC – Nitty Scott, MC is a pint sized fire cracker with a lot to say. First time I heard her deep cover freestyle, my jaw was on the floor. Her flow murks and her delivery cuts. Not to mention, she’s also a baddie. Look at her. Check out her last mixtape “The Art of Chill.”

4. Gavlyn – Latina femcee Gavlyn won me over when I heard “What I Do” and from there I’ve been rocking with her since. She hails from the group Organized Threat and she definitely is a threat with her strong lyricism.

These are just a few of my favorite femcees currently. Who is your favorite femcee (other than Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea lol)?


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