Album Review | Golden Echo by Kimbra


golden echo

I don’t think you guys understand how long I’ve been waiting for a new album from the timeless and beautiful Kimbra. I fell in love with her when I sat down and listened to Vows all the way through, without skipping a song. One of the best albums I’ve ever heard. So of course, I had high expectations for her next joint.

Golden Echo is Kimbra’s sophomore album and it dropped this past week. Before the album release, Kimbra had been dropping singles and visuals here and there to preview the album this past summer.

One thing I commend Kimbra on is that she is not afraid to experiment with her sound. Even if it doesn’t necessarily win over the hearts of all her listeners. She breaks molds and finds different ways to shape her music. It’s refreshing. Her track “90’s Music” is a great example of her seriously taking a leap of faith in her experimental sound. It was a love/hate track. Fans either loved it or hated it. For me personally, it took awhile for it to grow on me but now I really like it. Her other tracks were a bit more promising though, especially “Love in High Places’ where she has the amazing wonder man Thundercat on the bass.

So about Golden Echo in its entirety…

It’s not Vows BUT it’s not a disappointment at all. It’s a solid album. Smooth is the adjective that comes to mind when I think about this album. I really like it. Maybe in time I might grow to love it but for now, it has been in rotation pretty frequently. Most of the songs on Golden Echo are some of the most progressive, eclectic tracks I’ve ever heard in the past couple of years. Kimbra truly is a breath of fresh air.

Her collaboration with Thundercat was sheer genius. I’ve never heard so many smooth, yummy (yes, yummy) bass lines on one project. Her song with Bilal on the track “Everlovin’ Ya” was unexpected but well received with me. They meshed well together.

Kimbra came through with Golden Echo. I’m not disappointed at all. I’m looking forward to what this beauty has in store for the future. Who knows with her. She’s continuously blowing my mind.

I’ll give this album a 3.8 out of 5.


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