Album Review: PartyNextDoor 2 by PartyNextDoor



OVO artist PartyNextDoor recently released his follow up to his debut self-titled album from last year, this past week titled PARTYNEXTDOOR 2. PND is a next artist on the scene. He’s also one of Drake’s proteges. I was a fan of his past album. It was one of my favorite projects from 2013. So what do I say about this second installment to the PND saga…?

I loved it. I really did. It was love at first listen and we know that doesn’t happen often for me. Most projects have to grow on me over time but with PARTYNEXTDOOR 2, I didn’t need for it to grow on me. The production is so smooth and clean. My goshhhh! Most tracks on here are sample heavy but the samples are used well. For example, his track “Sex on the Beach” sampled Disclosure’s “Latch” and I must say he used that sample to his advantage. He took that sample and made it his own; to fit his sound. Impressive.

I will say that I do wish he kind of laid off with the auto-tune. Some tracks were heavy with auto-tune such as “FWU” and it took away, or rather took me out of the song. I don’t know. I might be being bias because I’m not too much a fan of auto tune. I feel that PND has a great voice but when it’s dripping with techno tune-ups, it just takes me out of the element… I would love to hear him sing acoustic versions of some of his songs.

I will also say that I am aware that OVO is Drake’s label and inevitably, his influence will be apparent in his artists but… I do wish PND made more of an effort to make his sound more distinct from Drake’s. Don’t get me wrong. This album was great but it definitely sounded like something Drake would’ve made. And yes, I know Drake played a big part in the production of this album but still… It’s like listening to Drake but with a different artist. I would just rather he yes, stay true to his sound, but like I said, make more of an effort to set himself apart from Drake.

Overall, this was a great project. I enjoyed it. I low-key wished he dropped this earlier this summer because it definitely has a summer, ride around with the top down vibe to it. I hope that PartyNextDoor continues to be consistent but at the same time step outside the norm and experiment with his sound some more. All in all, I would give this album a 3.5 out of 5.


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