Trimming My Ends & the Baggy Method


Hey all!

baggy method thumb

I have a new video up on my channel. I show how I trim my ends and I also give a demo of the baggy method. The baggy method is a way to moisturize your ends specifically. You know when you deep condition your hair and place a plastic cap on? Well, it’s the same concept just with plastic sandwich bags or plastic wraps and specifically for your ends. It’s easy. It helps penetrate and lock in moisture and it also helps retain length and moisture, and helps prevent breakage. I would use the baggy method once in a while or in time where my ends need some serious tender loving care. I wouldn’t use the baggy method when I’m trying to achieve a certain style, especially a super defined style such as a twist-out, bantu-knot out because your ends will still be softer and slightly damp the next morning.

Now about how I trim my ends… I trim my ends whenever I feel I need to. I don’t do it each month, rather every six months. I wash and blow dry my hair to make sure my hair is fully stretched. I don’t trim my ends when my hair is shrunken up because I don’t want to cut off more than what I have to.

Ways that I know I need to trim my ends is:

1.) split ends: the strands of my hair are split at the end of the hair shaft

2.) I notice heat damage. You note heat damage when the strands curl pattern is looser than your natural curl pattern.

3.) My ends are literally breaking off. The difference between breakage and shedding is that shedding is a normal thing hair does but breakage is permanent damage. A strand of hair that broke off usually has a white bulb at the top of the strand.

4.) My ends are a lot less dense and thick as the rest of my hair.

With all that being said, check out my actual tutorial of how I trim my ends and how I do the baggy method:


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