New Music I’ve Been Vibing To | June 2014 (pt 2)

I’m back with a new round of up and coming artists to look out for. You should definitely give each of these artists a listen for yourself.

Let’s begin shall we:

1. Black Sheep DZ

black sheep dz

I discovered this kid through Goldlink. He was in Goldlink’s “When I Die” music video and his own music videos were suggested on the side so of course, I clicked around. He’s dope. His production is tight. That was one thing I noted about him at the initial listen. His flow is also another thing that I noted. If you’re into Vince Staples, Odd Future–especially Odd Future–I would give this kid’s music a listen. Here’s his soundcloud:

2. Miloh Smith 

miloh smith

So let’s change up the sound now. Miloh Smith is a songstress that I came across through Two-9. She was featured on one of their songs and she made that track so of course I looked up her own music. She has soulful voice and her sound is, I would say R&B with hip-hop influence. If you’re into Jhene Aiko, SZA, Erykah Badu, I’d give her a listen. I’d also like to add her EP “Pulp Fiction”  that she just released, is nice and so smooth. Here’s her soundcloud:

3. Oddisee 


I’m not sure how I came across Oddisee’s music but I’m glad I did. He’s a remarkable lyricist. His music is rich with depth and substance and his production still hits. My favorite song by him is “Yeezus Was a Mortal Man.” SON. He went in on that track. Anywho, if you’re into artists such as Aesop Rock (no, not A$AP Rocky), MF DOOM, Nas, you’ll dig this kid. Here’s his soundcloud:

4. Case Arnold


This kid I came across just clicking around on YouTube (that’s how I find most of the music I listen to btdubs). He has a nice flow and smooth instrumentals to back it up. His music gives off nothing but good vibes. If you’re into (I’m not saying these artists because they’re white, I promise LMFAO) Asher Roth, Mac Miller, etc. you’ll probably like this kid. Here’s his soundcloud:

5. Wati Heru 

wati heru

Last but certainly not least, we have Wati Heru. I came across this kid when I was looking for more of T’Nah Apex’s music (she’s great btdubs). She was in a cypher with this kid and some other cats. His last verse was what caught my attention and wanted to see more of him. His flow is tight but his delivery is what set him apart from the other guys in the cypher. He’s also very lyrical. I kinda have high hopes for him. I can really see him going places. If you’re into Pro Era you’ll probably like his music. Start with his youtube and go from there:

Alright, that’s all I got for ya’ll for this month. Keep checking back for more. Until next time xo


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