Mixtape Review: Faces by Mac Miller


Mac Millie, Mac-a-mill, Mac Dizzle but as we all know him Mac Miller, one of the most slept on artists in the game right now.

Last month Mac Miller dropped a 24-track mixtape, Faces. What I appreciate about Mac Miller is that he’s always working. He’s probably one  of the most consistent artists in the game right now in terms of putting out work. If he’s not making music, he’s making music for someone else. What I also greatly admire about Mac Miller is that throughout all his projects, his growth is organic and obvious (well at least to me). He’s progressing as a hip hop artist trying new sounds & concepts, going in different directions. I find it refreshing to be able to witness this kid find himself within hip-hop. I feel like his last project, Watching Movies With the Sound Off proved that. That album was great but slept on and also forgotten unfortunately.

Now with this new mixtape, Faces, Miller reinforces how much he is growing as an artist. macmiller_faces

This mixtape was a tad bit different from what one is use to hearing from Mac Miller–the light-hearted, fun stoner kid. Don’t let the bright cover art fool you. Track to track, it’s pretty evident that Miller is coming from a dark place with this mixtape. Throughout this tape he shares his struggles with finding himself, dealing with fame, drug usage, suicidal thoughts and other things that trouble him. I feel like this mixtape was simply therapy for Miller. He put it out for fans to listen to, yeah, but, ultimately I feel like this project was more about him finding peace in his music and less about satisfying his audience or surpassing a download goal which I see nothing wrong with at all.

This was a good follow-up after WMWTSO because it reinforces and continues Mac Miller’s growth as an artist but also a person. I enjoyed this project but I will say that the production was lukewarm, for me at least. It wasn’t as exploratory or dynamic as it was on WMWTSO. This is an album I’d chill out to but couldn’t listen to everyday. I also feel like this tape didn’t need to be 24-tracks long. There were some tracks that could’ve been shaved off. They were just filler songs (songs that fill up spots) so I can honestly say I can’t listen to this project all the way through without skipping. I also feel like some features weren’t needed like Rick Ross’ verse on Insomniak. He just took up space on the song (that wasn’t a fat joke btdubs). His verse didn’t contribute anything to the song.

Overall, this was a solid piece of work. I’ll give this a 3.5 out 5. I’m looking forward to what Miller has in store for the future.


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