Mixtape Review: 28 Grams by Wiz Khalifa


28 gram

I feel like I don’t need to introduce Wiz Khalifa but maybe I should introduce his alter-ego “Trap Wiz.” Wiz definitely took on his “trap wiz” persona on his latest mixtape 28 Grams which was heavily influenced by trap music.

So..um…hmm. Where do I begin with this tape? First let me explain how I feel about Wiz Khalifa. See… me and Wiz have a love/hate relationship. He’s not someone I listen to regularly. Sometimes I really like the projects he puts out and other times his music makes my conundrums bleed. Nonetheless, I didn’t write Wiz Khalifa off completely as an artist because of projects I’ve enjoyed from the past such as Kush & OJ. I’ve heard the kid’s potential and there was this little ray of hope inside me that 28 Grams would somehow restore my faith in the king of Taylor Gang.

Now, let me say this before I give you my thoughts about 28 Grams: A lot of people whine and moan about wanting Wiz to go back to his old music. Personally, I’m not a fan of the whole “I want the old *insert artist’s name here*” line. I feel like it’s vital for an artist to grow in their music and to progress. But see that’s the thing: Wiz’ music hasn’t progressed at all since Deal or No Deal, in my opinion, and 28 Grams proves that.

Now I’m not gonna say this tape is trash but intially I was not a fan. I feel like if you’re into trap music and sounds of that nature, you might, MIGHT, find this tape enjoyable but I on the other hand am not keen on trap music. This mixtape was definitely not Wiz Khalifa’s best at all. Would I be reaching if I said it might be his worst…? Either way, that ray of hope I had dimmed away when I listened to this tape.

Maybe I don’t have a problem with trap music itself but I do have a problem with generic trap beats which is what 28 Grams is filled with. Not only that but auto-tune… lots and lots of auto-tune. Auto-tune in the context of this mixtape was appropriate but my god, it was unnecessary on some tracks. I get that there was 28 tracks to go along with the 28 grams theme but…. there were only about a handful of songs on this tape that I found decent such as James Bong. If you’re going to do a long project, I feel like 80% of it should be enjoyable LOL.

I’m all for changing your sound and experimenting which is what Wiz Khalifa is known for but on 28 Grams he wasn’t even creative with it. It was all generic from the production to his lack of lyricism. This was just a lackluster project for me. It didn’t hit home. I don’t feel like it progressed his artistry but retrogressed it.

But you know what… I watched Wiz’ last vlog on his YouTube channel and he explained his reasoning behind 28 Grams. He said people such as Rihanna encouraged him to keep putting out trap music. They were digging it so he went with it. He didn’t put much depth into this project because it was just suppose to be fun. He even admitted he wouldn’t release this as an album at all.

I’m critical of Wiz because I’ve heard him do better. He’ll probably never go back to “old Wiz” but man, I hope he pushes forward and creates gold like he has in the past.

Overall, I give this project a 2 out of a 5. Let’s hope for better next time.


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