Mission Possible: The Plan (Spring 2014)


As you may recall, I mentioned in my De La Fro intro video that I want to not only talk about hair and other girlish things–I want to talk about health as well, my health in specific.

As you also may recall, in a previous blog post, I brought up my weight loss journey: Mission Possible.

I have a video on the way that goes more into depth about my weight history and why I want to lose weight. This blog post is dedicated to my detailed plan in terms of what I plan to do in terms of my diet and my exercise routine.

My starting weight is 220.

My starting inches around my waist is 40 inches.

I’m breaking up mission possible into segments pertaining to the time of year I’m in. The things I eat, my work-out schedule will be determined by my schedule and what time of year it is.  For example:

I’m still in school so I’m calling this segment of Mission Possible: spring 2014. I have to work my work-out regimen and diet around my school schedule.

Let’s start with diet:

My school offers healthy options. I just have to work on resisting temptation because it’s very easy. In the morning I plan to stick to complex carbs such as whole wheat and fruit and lean protein such as boiled eggs and once in a while turkey bacon. I must stay away from simple carbs such as grits, pastries, waffles, pancakes and fatty meats such as sausage. For lunch and dinner I will stick with salads filled with leafy veggies, lean chicken, and vinegarette dressing or whole wheat wraps and sandwiches with lean meats and no creamy dressing such as mayo. I will try my best to stay away from Ramen and I will stock up in my room with fruits and healthy snacks such as whole wheat granola bars. I also have to stay away from having sweets everyday. That should be reserved once a week.

Now onto my work-out regimen:

I have to work out at least 3 times a week for at least 30 minutes. I plan on working out before my first class on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. But on Tuesday and Thursday, I’ll work out in my room using a video off Youtube’s Fitness Blender. I highly recommend you check out their channel. So much helpful information about getting in shape along with ass kicking workouts.

That’s my segment for Spring 2014 of Mission Possible. Stay tuned for updates. Wish me luck!


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