Album Review: Z by SZA



Let’s talk about Top Dawg Ent.’s leading lady SZA. SZA signed with TDE right along the time Isaiah Rashad signed with them as well. As I talked about in Rashad’s Cilvia Demo review, I knew that SZA and Isaiah Rashad were going to be nothing less than dope simply because they were signed with TDE which is home to solid, dope artists such as Black Hippy which consists of Schoolboy Q, Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul, & Jay Rock.

Now when I saw that a girl was signed to TDE, of course I was hype. I took a listen to her first couple of mixtapes and they’ve been in rotation ever since.

This week SZA dropped her debut EP “Z”. It’s very rare that I can listen to project from track to track without skipping a song… I didn’t have to do that with Z. Every song was euphonic haha.

Z is chill. The epitome of it almost. Smokers would appreciate this album. To be honest, Z is low-key sexy. You can make some babies to this EP too LOL. From the smooth, eerie production to SZA’s lulling voice how can you not at least find this album sexy?

I really like it and I know eventually I’m going to grow to love it. I’m pretty sure this is going to become an every day listen.

Now.. I will say this: some concerns I do have with SZA’s music is repetition. I hope she doesn’t fall into the whole “her songs sound the same” trap. I also hope that she doesn’t stray from her chill, trip-hop vibe she has.

Other than that, I see a promising future for SZA. I’m excited to see what else this beauty has in store for us. Sidenote: Can we talk about her hair? Hair from the Nubian gods, I swear!! Serious curl envy man… Anywhore..

I’m growing to be a fan of hers and I hope she continues to keep coming out with nothing but dopeness.


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    1. delafro says:

      thank you! 🙂

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