No, I will not dress my size.


I know I’ve been on my plus size girl rants as of lately but there’s just so many issues that don’t get spoken about too much. Body bashing is a prevalent issue in society whether we want to address it or not.

Now, I am a firm believer in dressing to flatter your figure. I think there’s a such thing as too much.

Society has made it to where the bigger, the worst, that’s why people typically get more offended when they’re called fat instead of skinny. Think about it. People can freely call someone skinny and it won’t seem as offensive and the minute someone calls a person fat they’re Hades. Everyone is trapped inside societal ideals of what beauty is.

With that being said, I’ve noticed a trend. Whenever people–more specifically girls–who are bigger dress to reveal people never fail to bark at them: “DRESS YOUR SIZE! PUT SOME CLOTHES ON!”

Now like I said previously, I do believe that one should dress to flatter their figure but the difference me and society is that I apply that rule to EVERYONE.

People are so caught up on the chubby girl wearing crop tops that they disregard the skinny girl wearing shorts that are so far up her booty crack.

I believe the rule “dress your size” is for BOTH PARTIES. But see… people make it one-sided. Let a skinny girl basically walk out the house naked and no one says anything because she’s small but let a bigger girl walk out her house with some cut-off shorts and everyone is having a conniption.

Another thing though, who died and made you fashion police? You don’t police what someone can and can’t wear. You may feel something is hideous on someone, someone else might see differently. My whole thing is I never understood why people concern themselves with what other people are doing with their lives that don’t pertain to them.

If you don’t like to see a fat girl in revealing clothes… Look away. It’s really not that hard.

People love to put down one group in their attempts to lift up another. No, “real women have curves” is not true. Real women are women who come with boobies and a vagina. The way your body fills out does not make you more or less of a woman. On the same note though, saying, “You don’t have curves. You just fat,” in order to bring up the smaller folks ain’t the way to go neither.

All in all, what I’m saying is if you’re going to bark on and on about dressing your size you need to direct that to all shapes and sizes; not just one group–everyone. Body bashing is wrong on both parts.

Please & thank ya.


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