Album Review: Oxymoron by Schoolboy Q



As I’ve expressed in past posts pertaining to music, I’m not a biased fan which means just because I like an artist, doesn’t mean I’m going to blindly like everything they put out. With that being said, when I initially sat down and listen to Oxymoron… I wasn’t impressed. *shrugs* I said it. I didn’t think it was bad but I didn’t think it was great.

Now before you write hateful comments below, hear me out: Even though I don’t blindly like everything my favorite artists put out, I at least try to give it another try–another listen. So I went back and I sat down, turned off everything in the room and sat and listened to Oxymoron once again.

I listened to it a third time. Throughout the week, I listened to it bit by bit and guess what? It grew on me–slowly but surely, it grew on me.

Now I will say this, Habits & Contradictions, his previous album, definitely surpasses Oxymoron, in my opinion. I definitely think H&C was a lot better. It’s hard to explain but I don’t see Oxymoron retrogressing Schoolboy but in a way it is progressing him even though I don’t feel like this was his best body of work.

I can definitely say that he’s making a name for himself. He’s definitely branching out of Kendrick’s shadow. I always said 2013 would be Kendrick Lamar’s year but 2014 it would be Schoolboy’s year. Matter of fact, with six albums dropping, two of them already being dope, 2014 is TDE’s year point blank period.

Overall Oxymoron is a solid album. Will I say that this is classic? Nah. But do I think this is a pretty dope album? Yes. It took me a couple of listens for me to hear that. Despite anything, I’m excited to see Schoolboy has planned for the future. He’ll always be one of my favorite rap artists.


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