Curl Talk: Antoinette


De La Fro presents the first Curl Talk feature, Antoinette! Check her out!

1. How long have you been natural?
My entire life
2. What’s your hair type?
3. What’s your hair density?
4. What you made you want to remain or go back to being natural?
 Being natural is all I know. I usually tell people if I got a perm my hair would probably fall out because I wouldn’t know how to take care of my hair with a perm. I wouldn’t know what to do. But one of the other things is I enjoy my natural hair and it’s versatility…I can go from straight to curly whenever I want….and 3rd….  it’s my main priority above all else is the health of my hair….being natural to me is the healthiest route to go.
5. How do you keep your hair to its healthiest?
 I keep my hair moisturized….not keeping your hair moisturized leads to hair breakage…and another thing some always neglect keeping the ends trimmed…some who transition or do the big chop along the way with their growth they sometimes never trim their ends
6. What’s the most rewarding thing about being natural?
The journey of it
7. What are some tips you have for other naturals or for those who are thinking about going natural?
  Keep length check at bay…forget about length think more about the health of your hair….and fly with it I promise it will go by so fast before you know you’ll be at BSL! And don’t get dis encouraged hang in their!
8. Where can people find you at on Social Media? (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.)
Twitter @natural489
Instagram @natural489
Remember, if you would like to be featured in Curl talk, e-mail!

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