Album Review: Cilvia Demo by Isaiah Rashad



In 2013, Top Dawg Ent. or also known as TDE, also known as the holding ground for artists such as Black Hippy, the top hip-hop group in the game right now (Am I being a biased fan right now? Yeah? Hmph. I don’t care. Anywhore…) which consists of Jay Rock, Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q, and Ab-Soul, just added a new addition to the label named Isaiah Rashad.

Before I heard any of this kid’s music, I knew he was going to be dope. Why? Because TDE consistently signs nothing but top-notch artists. So I definitely went into my listening session with an open mind.

Rashad made his debut under TDE with his single, “I Shot You Down.” This track was basically a warning to other artists that he’s coming for ya and he’s going to be a force not to be reckoned with. He sparked my interest from there. Over the late half of 2013, Isaiah Rashad just kept dropping gold tracks left and right from “Ronnie Drake”, “R.I.P Kevin Miller”, and “Brad Jordan.” Then January 2014, he dropped his demo Cilvia. 

It’s pretty hard for me to sit down and listen to an album from beginning to end without wanting to skip over songs but… I didn’t have to do that with this demo. For once, I sat down and was entertained from beginning to end. Isaiah Rashad gained a fan after I listened to Cilvia Demo.

His flow, man. The kid knows how to ride a beat and deliver. He has a great balance of lyricality (Is that a word? No. I’m coining it then.) and flow. He’s also real. He put his heart on the table and was basically like, “Um, here ya go. Take it or leave it.” Man, I’m taking it. I applaud him.

This album is great for people who like chill production but not so chill to the point where it makes you catch some shut eye. It’s great for late night listeners who are deep in thought. Rashad talks about almost everything on this including his struggles with his father.

He has great potential especially being under TDE and having peers such as Black Hippy. I’m expecting nothing but greatness from him. He’s definitely going to grow as an artist and I’m excited to see what else he has up his sleeves.

Side note: He also sampled Iman Omari, who is also one of my favorites so he scored even more points with me.


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