I Straightened My Hair! (Stay Out Natural Hair Nazis)


Hello dolls! I know I’ve been away for a minute. The Holidays took up my time catching up with family & friends but I’m back now.

Welp, over my winter break I wanted a change. I wanted to do something different with my hair. I wanted to straighten my hair just to see how long my hair has grown.

My hair has grown a lot! I wish I had a picture from a couple of years ago when I had straightened my hair back in high school. My hair back then reached the middle of my neck. Now it is brushing my collarbone and upper back.

I didn’t film how I straightened my hair because I was afraid it wouldn’t come out the way I wanted to.

What I did to prepare my hair to be straightened was do the apple cider vinegar rinse and then after I deep conditioned my hair & did a protein treatment just using honey, mayo, and an egg. My hair came out really soft. I let my hair air-dry in two-strand twists until it was 80% dry. Then I thoroughly applied a heat protectant throughout my hair. After that I blow dried my hair using the tension method. I divided my hair into sections and went in with the straightener. I’m not gonna lie. It didn’t come out like I wanted to butttttt then my friend kindly helped me and it came out laiddddd yessssss! LOL. I realized that because my hair is thick, I needed to make smaller sections when I flat ironed my hair.

Here are the results:

hair laid

I love it.

I’ve been caring for my natural hair by wrapping it up at night with a silk scarf and applying coconut oil to it so my hair would retain moisture. I’ve had my hair straightened for almost a week now and moisture has never left my hair.

I’ll keep you guys posted.


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