Album Review: Beyonce Self-Titled Album BEYONCE


beyonce album


Beyonce is so rude.

Everybody in the R&B/Pop game were doing their thing and then this heffa, out of nowhere, without any singles, promos, ANYTHING, drops an album out of nowhere. Not only on an album but a visual album; an album with a music video for each song. Um what? She came and snatched the whole game up at the end of the year.

She’s rude.

Because not only was this album great, it is hands-down a game changer. A music video for each song? That’s incredible and for her to manage to keep this all a secret is incredible as well. Let’s talk about the two elements of this project: the music & the visuals.

Let’s start with the music:

Musically, I don’t think this was Beyonce’s best. I’m just being honest. That’s my opinion. Compare this musically to her albums such as B Day or especially Dangerously in Love, this wasn’t her best album musically. Half of the songs were hits and the other half I would say were just fillers, meaning just songs to fill up space. Don’t get me wrong, the music was great, especially the production. I feel that on this album, Beyonce was unapologetically herself. She was not afraid to embrace her feminine sexuality, specifically on songs such as “Blow” and “Rocket.” She was just real and I liked that about this album. She didn’t hold back or “tame” herself.

Now onto the visuals:

As a film student, I appreciated the cinematography of each music video. My favorite one was her video for “Mine.” It was basically cinematography porn for a film student LOL. Every angle, shot was well thought out and executed along with the clarity. Her videos were the epitome of HD. Each video stayed true to the song as well. Sometimes artists get carried away with trying to make the video pivotal that they lose the meaning of the actual song but Beyonce didn’t fall into that trap with her visuals.

All in all, I gained respect for Beyonce. You can say what you want but what you can’t say is that she doesn’t work hard. She’s probably one of the hardest working women in the music industry. How she balances being a wife, a mother, and a mega superstar, only she has the recipe.

Word has it that Biggie Smalls tried to do a black out album, meaning he wanted to drop an album out of nowhere but he was ahead of his time. Social media wasn’t a networking bulldog yet but Beyonce took full advantage of that. She only advertised her album with one post on her Instagram and in a day, her album was #1 in 50-70 countries…. Talk about bow down bitches LOL.

I’m just curious to see how artists are going to try and top this album because conceptually, this was the best album dropped in the past couple of years honestly. Queen Bey killed the game. Let’s see what’s next…


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