My Style 2014 Resolution


Whenever we talk about resolutions, it’s always a laundry list of serious things you want to get accomplished such as losing weight or going skydiving but I want to lighten it up. I want to do a resolution for my style.

There’s so many different trends going on right now and I want to try something new with my wardrobe. In 2014 I want to step my style game up. Ya feel me?

  1. Texture. This upcoming year I really want to play with different textures within my wardrobe such as faux fur, faxu leather, ruffles, pleats, etc. I always wear dark colors and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that but I don’t wear enough of different textures which is starting to make my wardrobe look bland.

2. Arm Candy. I never leave my house without some earrings dangling from my ears but I never wear rings or bracelets! I really like the midi/knuckle ring craze going on right now and I want to take part in it too. It’s along the lines of edgy yet bohemian. I love it. I want to look more into arm candy: rings, bracelets, hand chains, etc.

3. Leather joggers & Strappy heels. I really love the look of these pants with the zara-inspired sandal heels. It’s edgy yet sleek. I definitely want a pair of these pants and those heels!

4. Overall, I just want to try new things! I’m tired of the same old, same old. I want to make bolder choices and louder statements with my style. I want to break boundaries and establish my own style. That’s the lovely thing about fashion. It’s what you make it!

What are some things you want to differently with your style in 2014?


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