My Favorite Albums/Mixtapes of 2013


2013 has been such a great year for music! So many projects, albums, mixtapes! A music junkie like me was walking through a dream come true. I was going to do a top album list but honestly, all these albums and projects were great and it would take too much thought to even try to determine which one is the best. I hope 2014 is another great, consistent year for music. Let me know what you think should be up here.


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  1. blvckcocaine2013 says:

    Reblogged this on blvckcocaine2013 and commented:
    Thank you for doing this post! I’ve been wanting to hear some new, good music that is contrary to radio music. You may want to hear “The Flower of Life” by Cocaine 80’s. I love that entire album. lol.

    1. delafro says:

      Yes! I love Cocaine 80s!

  2. Mr. Perfect says:

    Add 7 days of Funk from Snoopzilla

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