Natural Hair Mistakes I Made in 2013

This year I learned a lot of lessons, even with my hair. I realized that my hair has reached a plateau. My hair has been at the same length for quite awhile now. I’ve been participating in the protective style challenge which is suppose to help with growth. Even still, I have yet to see significant growth from my hair.

I think it’s time to have a heart to heart with my hair. I need to take a look at what my hair regimen has been like and what changes I should make. I’ve come to terms with my hair regimen and realized that it’s just not working.

In 2012, my hair regimen was simple… a little too simple. Some might call it lazy actually. I would shampoo once a month and co-wash once a week (or aim to). I did a lot of protective styling from buns to faux locs. I moisturized my hair using the loc method.

Let me tell you where I messed up in 2013:

  1. I didn’t give my hair enough TLC. What I mean is that I hardly ever did deep-conditioning and protein treatments. I never did cleanses, rinses, or anything of that nature. My hair was only being shampooed once a week and co-washed bi-weekly at most. My hair didn’t get enough nutrients it needed. Earlier this year I was suffering from breakage.
  2. I was too rough with my hair. When I finger detangled my hair, it was more like me raking my fingers through my hair only for it to be caught in snags. I have 4b/4c hair which is tight, coily, kinky hair and my hair is prone to get tangled but with a wide tooth comb or gently with my fingers.
  3. I didn’t moisturize my hair enough. Since my hair has very tight curls, it doesn’t hold in moisture as easily as hair that has looser curl patterns. I needed to do the loc method a lot more often than I did especially when my hair is in a protective style. Moisture is so vital to my hair.
  4. I need to cut back on using heat. I used heat 1-2 times a month when really I should make it 1-2 times a year with my hair texture.
  5. Not detangling my hair or protecting my hair at bedtime. I know, I know. This is really bad. I’m a college student and I swear I try to twist my hair up but I get so tired and I just don’t even bother with my hair. A horrible habit.

In 2014, I need to make a major change in my hair routine. I’m going to try different things that I’ve never done with my hair before such as a clarifying clay mask or a apple cider vinegar rinse. 2014 will be the year of experimentation; see what works and what doesn’t. I’m going to find different ways to take better care of my hair while in protective styles and different ways to stretch my hair instead of using heat. I need to be gentle with my hair. I need to protect my hair no matter how tired I am.

I’m going to keep you guys updated on all the new things I try with my hair and let you know how each thing worked for my hair.

Wish me luck on this journey.


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