Album Review: Water for ElephantS EP by Shine


water for elephants

This past week, Baltimore-based artist Shine released his new EP Water for ElephantS. This EP was probably one of the most consistent bodies of work I’ve heard this past year. What I mean by that is that from start to finish, each track was a gem in its own way, from the production to the features such as Jessica Renee, JordxnBryant, & Hollywood  JB; Even the cover art is dope. The sound of this EP was a great, balanced mix of jazz, funk, and hip-hop that reminds me of sounds such as Tribe Called Quest and other early 90’s hip-hop artists. The production, which can be credited to Shine himself, along with Elaquent, Knxledge, Flylo, Shlohmo, and Hollywood JB, was tight, well thought out and coalesced nicely track to track. I can honestly say I enjoyed this EP. Shine is definitely someone to look out for in underground hip-hop. I’m looking forward to his next project.

Check it out here & download:


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