Diet Monthly Goal Update! November-December 2013


Guys! Great News! I reached my monthly goal for November. I cut back on soda. I can count on one hand of how many times I’ve consumed soda this past month. I’m proud of myself. Since I haven’t been drinking that much soda, I’m beginning to lose the taste for it. Now I’m going to keep it up and eventually cut soda out of my diet

Now, my next feat to defeat for the month of December is to cut back on sweets. I have a horrid sweet tooth. I love anything sweet: ice cream, cake, cookies, candy, etc. It’s such a bad craving I get far too often. On average, I eat sweets everyday and at an unhealthy portion. For the month of December, I want to get a hold of that bad habit and cut back to only eating sweets 1-2 times a week, preferably on the weekend. I’m being realistic about this though. I know I’m probably not going to wait until the weekend to eat sweets but hopefully, I can get enough self-discipline and self-control to withstand eating sweets throughout the week.

Ya’ll. Pray for me because this might be my most difficult one.

So all in all:

Maintain: cutting back on soda

Goal: cut back on sweets

Wish me luck.


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