Why I love Being Natural!


For the longest time I hated my hair. I would hide it in relaxers, braids, and weaves because I hated it in its natural state. I felt unattractive with an afro. Part of the reason why is because in black society, natural hair is frowned upon, not even in society as a whole. I get so many compliments from people who aren’t black all the time on my hair. It’s baffling. Whenever I did wear my hair out, I didn’t feel like people would accept my hair for what it was. I feared they’d call my hair nappy and unruly but even with permed hair I was still picked on sometimes because I did not know how to care for it.

Just goes to show it doesn’t matter if your hair is relaxed or natural, if you don’t take care of it, you’re going to look a hot mess regardless.

So when exactly did the change of heart come in? When I embarked on my natural hair journey, at first it was just going to be temporary. I was going to get my hair back to being healthy, grow it out some more and then go back to relaxers but as I kept discovering the versatility of natural hair I began to…to like it and then eventually love it.

My hair was becoming healthier and stronger. I began to embrace every kink, curl, and coil of my hair and when I began becoming more confident in my hair, I got more praise from other people, including my black peers.

I honestly couldn’t imagine going back to having my hair permed. Even though natural hair is a pain to take care of half the time, I love it because

  1. Natural hair is versatile. The possibilities are endless with natural hair. I can rock a big ‘fro and still straighten it to get a sleek, relaxed look. I can wear twist outs, braid outs, flat twists outs, bantu knot outs, and any other out my heart desires. I can add hair, add volume, add accessories. It’s just so much you can do with natural hair. One time for the fun naturals lol!
  2. My hair feels so much healthier natural. When I went back and forth between braids and perms, it did so much damage to my hair. Going natural, letting my hair breathe, and showing my hair some tender, love, and care has done wonders for my hair.
  3. Natural hair makes me stand out from the crowd. Natural hair is unique. You have to give us that credit. When a woman with natural hair is in a crowd she stands out with her giant afro. In high school, I was the only natural at my school and I liked that. No other girl looked like me. I stood out and that made me even more proud of my hair.

I love my natural hair from my nappy roots to my coily ends and if you don’t…well that’s fine. I hope your hand gets stuck in my fro 😉


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