My Diet Monthly Goals


One thing I realized on my weight loss journey is that what was holding me back from significant weight loss was my poor diet. Sure, I’d work out on a regular basis (most of the time haha) but my diet wasn’t the best it could be. I made poor decisions with my diet; that was hindering my progress. For example, I have a problem with portion control and I also have a horrid sweet tooth.

When I would try to get my diet right, it never last long. Why? Because I wasn’t making these healthy eating choices habits. Experts say it takes about 30 days to make something a habit. I decided that since I can’t change my diet all at once, I’m going to break my goals up month by month to develop healthy eating into habits instead of quick fixes that I fall out of.

For the month of November my goal is to cut back on Soda by drinking water and tea instead. 

The reason why I’m cutting back on soda is because soda is full of sugar and synthetic ingredients. So many people I know cut out soda from their diet and it was part of the reason why they saw significant weight loss.

This is going to be a hard challenge to mold and shape my diet into a healthier but I won’t see any progress if I don’t change my horrible eating habits. I’ll keep you updated on my monthly goals.


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