Album Review: Sail Out EP by Jhene Aiko & Saint Heron by A Variety of Artists



sail out

You guys, this EP was such a solid piece of work. Jhene Aiko has yet to disappoint me. She brings nothing but fire. Even when she’s featured on a track she brings light to it.  She’s a chameleon in alternative R&B. She appeals to a mass of different audiences. She’s the only female artists I can think of that guys listen to as much as their favorite rapper. This blasian beauty is definitely a force and Sail Out definitely showed that. Every track was well thought out from the production to her lyrics. This EP was consistent. Every song was either great to fantastic. There’s definitely more tracks that I was feeling more than the other but I really liked all of the songs. Even her features on this EP were dope from Kendrick Lamar to Ab-Soul. Stay Ready is probably my favorite track off this EP for a number of reasons. The only thing I didn’t like about it was that it was too short! Lol, but it’s an EP so I can’t be mad.

I’m just excited for a full length album from her if this is just an EP. The countdown to her next project begins now. I give this EP a 4.5 out of 5.


saint heron

Saint Heron was a compilation album featuring a number of talented, independent artists such as BC Kingdom and Iman Omari. It was released on Solange Knowles’ record label Saint Records. I really liked this album. It’s definitely alternative R&B at it’s best. Right along with Sail Out, Saint Heron is an album that you can chill and vibe to. This album has introduced me to a lot of new artists such as Petite Noir, Kelela, and Starchild. Each artists’ track on this album had their own sound but at the same time this album wasn’t all over the place. Each song complimented the other so well. It was a string of sounds that coalesced well together.

It makes me happy that Solange is finally stepping out from under Beyonce’s (rather large) shadow and becoming of her own. She’s underrated and this album shows that Solange deserves a lot more credit and respect in the music industry. Actually, after listening to this album along with some of her other albums, Solange is actually a great influence on some of Beyonce’s music especially on her last album 4.

I’ll give Saint Heron a 3.5 out of 5 only because a couple of the songs were lacking with me but overall it was a solid album.

Give Sail Out and Saint Heron both a listen on Spotify and they’re both available to purchase off iTunes! 


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