Protective Hair Styling for Natural Hair



In my top tips for natural hair article I talked about protective styling. Protective styling for natural hair is imperative for the well-being and growth of your hair. Protecting your ends from harsh conditions is vital.

There are so, so many different type of protective style. Here are some examples:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As for myself I am participating in a natural hair protective style challenge. I’ve been participating in this challenge since September. It has literally been a challenge trying to consistently keep my hair in a protective style. I just want to keep my hair out in a fro majority of the time. In this protective style challenge, you’re only allowed to keep your hair out for 2 days a week. I’ve been cheating (I keep my hair out for 3 days. Oops..) I’ll attach the video that further explains the challenge. The challenge was created by a fellow naturalista youtuber Kouki. Check it out and subscribe to her channel! And I hope you found this helpful.


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