My Weight Loss Journey & Overall Goal


Ever since I can remember I’ve always struggled with my weight. I was born a heavy baby at 9.5 pounds. I grew to be a chubby toddler, to a chubby child, to a chubby teenager. I didn’t think of my weight as such an issue until I hit the 5th grade when puberty was kicking in and I started to feel insecure about my appearance. I had been picked on for most of my childhood about my weight as well. It worsened once I got to middle school and was relentlessly taunted and picked on about my weight. Along with that, my doctor gently told me that I needed to lose weight or I’d be putting myself at risk for type 2 diabetes.

I decided that I needed to change.

In sixth grade I started to eat salads instead of pizza for lunch and when I get home I would do my mother’s workout DVDs such as the Firm. I actually lost 15 pounds at 12 years old but then I gained it back from lack of consistency and willpower; and from there it was just a yo-yo of being on the right track to slipping and giving it up. Gaining and losing and gaining and losing.

It wasn’t until recently that I realized that the reason I’ve been struggling on this 9 year journey is because I lack consistency and will power. I also realized that in order to lose this weight and keep it off I had to change my mindset. This wasn’t temporary. This was more than a way to make me look better. It was a lifestyle change for the betterment of my health. Once I realized that, things began to change for the better.

At the beginning of 2012 I weighed 23o pounds. In 2013, I lost 30 pounds altogether. I tell ya, when I saw that number on the scale I almost passed out. I cried. I have never lost that much weight ever before. I was actually progressing to where I wanted to be. My overall goal is to weigh between 140-150 pounds. I also want to wear a solid dress size of 8/10. I think it’s feasible. I’m halfway there. I’ll keep you updated.


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Stacey Kay says:

    Good for you!! You can do it!

    1. delafro says:

      Thank you!! ❤

  2. shawnalexus says:

    As I always tell people “God made us different sizes” and I think thick females and guys are also attractive. I tend to date more thick than thin guys. But anyway good luck. I hope you reach your destination. And in dieting make sure you are receiving proper nutrition because with many diets, they lack balanced nutrition.

    1. delafro says:

      Yes, I agree. It’s become more about just trying to be healthier and more in shape for me personally.

  3. Eric Frazier says:

    Very well said. You’ve been doing great, just stay at it!

  4. mosawkwardafro says:

    Keep going, I am on the same journey and I also realised that I lacked willpower before but now I am on a different wave length

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