Moisturizing Natural Hair


In my last natural post, I talked about my top tips for healthier natural hair but now I would like to break down those steps. The first step was keeping your hair moisturized. Now you might ask but Candace, how do I keep and retain moisture in my hair? Here’s how:

Most Naturals use the LOC Method. I briefly went over it in my last article but here I will break it all the way down for you.

Like I said, our hair requires moisture in order to grow and be healthy. Most naturals just put on a leave-in conditioner and wonder why their hair is later dry; that’s because they don’t seal in the moisture. Sealing the moisture is like putting a letter in an envelope and you seal the envelope closed so that the letter stays in the envelope. That’s the same concept of sealing in moisture, you’re keeping the moisture in. How do you do that? Well here goes:

LOC stands for Liquid, Oil, Conditioner.

  • Liquid: First, I spritz my hair with water that I keep in a spritz bottle. I spritz my hair with water, not to get in soaking wet but a little damp. Our hair craves water and drinks it all up.
  • Conditioner: After I spritz and distribute the water throughout my hair, I take a quarter amount of a hair butter or leave-in conditioner and run it through my hair. I make sure my ends get the most of it.
  • Oil: After I rub the conditioner in my hair, I take an oil and run it through my hair which is sealing the moisture into my hair. My favorite oil to use is coconut oil. You could use other oils such as jojoba oil, castor oil, olive oil… Just experiment with them and see which one your hair responds to the best.

Most people are under the impression that oil gives your hair moisture. It doesn’t. It helps seal in the moisture which keeps your hair feeling more soft and less brittle. I do this basically every morning and night but that’s also because my hair gets really dry and scalp is dandruff-prone. Typically, most naturals do the loc method every night while they detangle their hair or they simply do it when they feel like their hair needs moisture.

Another option is to combine the loc method within a spritz bottle. I’m in college so I usually don’t have time to waste on my hair. I know personally when I’m getting my hair ready for bed, It would be a lot to go through the loc method and then detangle your hair on top of that. What I do is fill my bottle with water, I pump 2-3 squirts of leave in conditioner in the bottle and then I pour a tablespoon and a half of oil. I shake it all up and there you have: the loc method in a bottle. All I do is spritz this on my hair, run it through my hair, and get my hair ready for styling or being put away for bed.

Keeping your hair moisturized is what’s going to keep it soft and have a natural sheen to it. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below.


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